Clinical Academic Day Conference 2019

Clinical Academic Day Conference 2019
Being a Christian clinical academic can present unique opportunities and challenges. How do we champion truth, witness to others, and face the ethical and practical challenges all around us? Join us for this one day conference which aims to equip and encourage Christian clinical academics to flourish. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking, and we will hear from some excellent speakers with lots of experience to share.

Who is this conference for?

The event is aimed at Christian clinical academics at any stage of their career. Those considering pursuing a clinical academic career, healthcare professionals and medical students are also welcome. You don't need to be a member of CMF to attend.



    Registration and coffee


    Welcome and introduction


    Bible reading/address
    Sam Leinster


    Naturalism, apologetics and evangelism: being a witness in the academic workplace
    Sharon Dirckx


   Avoiding common pitfalls: facing the challenges of being a Christian Clinical Academic
   Paul Johnson


   Coffee and regional link up


   Wisdom in action: facing ethical challenges in research
   Sam Leinster


   CMF Update




   Amplifying your academic voice: Championing truth in the public sphere
   John Wyatt


   Parallel sessions


   Coffee and specialty link up


   Panel discussion


   Prayer and small group reflection


   Summary and closing remarks



Seminar sessions to choose from:


  • 1. Designing a Christian research project
  • 2. Speed meet and greet
  • 3. Is an academic career right for me?
  • 4. Personal reflection/prayer session


Sam Leinster is a retired General Surgeon with a special interest in Surgical Oncology and Medical Education. He was the Inaugural Dean of Norwich Medical School and is Emeritus Professor of Medical Education at UEA. He has been involved with CMF for over 40 years and is currently a member of the Board of Trustees.

Sharon Dirckx is Senior Tutor at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and Apologist at the Zacharias Trust. She has a Ph.D. in brain imaging, and is invited to speak and lecture in a variety of contexts. Sharon’s areas of interest include the interaction of belief in God with science and with suffering, the latter of which is the subject of her book,Why?. Sharon lives in Oxford with her husband and two children.

Paul Johnson is Professor of Paediatric Surgery in Oxford and Director of the Oxford Islet Transplant Programme. He is an Academic Training Programme Director in the Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School (OUCAGS).

John Wyatt is Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London. He has a long-standing interest in ethical debates about advances in medical technology and the beginning and end of life, and has frequently engaged in public and media debates about controversial issues in medical ethics. He is currently leading a multidisciplinary research project into the social, philosophical and religious implications of advances in artificial intelligence and robotics, based at the Faraday Institute, University of Cambridge.

Elspeth Hulse is a Surgeon Commander in the Royal Navy and a Consultant Anaesthetist in Newcastle. Her research interests are in trauma and toxicology and she has projects in both the UK and Asia. Her passion is to see Christian scientists and medics use their God given ability and prayer to conduct excellent, fruitful research that will help those in need whilst giving God the glory.

26/01/2019 09:30 - 26/01/2019 17:00
Johnson House
6 Marshalsea Road
London, SE1 1HL United Kingdom
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