Saline Solution Online Course

Saline Solution Online Course

Do you have questions about faith at work?

  • Is talking about faith legitimate?
  • Is it good medicine?
  • Is it practical?
  • Would I have time?
  • How can I learn more?

Every Christian health professional has a unique opportunity to improve their patients’ physical and spiritual health but many feel frustrated by the challenge of integrating faith and practice within time constraints and legal obligations.

However the medical literature increasingly recognises the important link between spirituality and health and GMC guidelines approve discussion of faith issues with patients provided it is done appropriately and sensitively.

Christians are called to be ‘the salt of the earth’ flavouring life with grace and truth. Saline Solution is a 4 session course designed to help  Christian health professionals become more comfortable practicing medicine that addresses the needs of the whole person. There is a mixture of teaching and small group discussion.

Sessions will take place from 20:00 - 22:00 (London, UK time) on the 17, 24 October and 7, 14 November 2022.

Outline Programme:

Session 1 : Why is faith important in Healthcare?

Session 2: What are the opportunities and barriers to fulfilling God’s call?      

Session 3: The toolbox : Prayer, questions and stories.

Session 4:   More tools including gospel presentation.

17/10/2022 20:00 - 14/11/2022 22:00
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