CMF exists to unite and equip Christian doctors and medical students to live and speak for Jesus. In doing this, local networks are essential. Although membership of the local church is vital, doctors often need to talk and pray with others who understand the challenges of medicine. Our current priority is, therefore, to strengthen and support these grassroots networks and relationships.

As a CMF link person we hope you will help build those relationships in your workplace, locality, church, deanery, foundation school, medical school or medical specialty.

In order to support the links scheme we have invested in a new website system to help provide you with the resources to make those contacts and build relationships. Through this website you will be able to see which other CMF members are in your link network, download a mailing list (email or postal) or get in touch with other key people in your area.

Please remember that all members’ information is shared in accordance with our data protection policy, which you have signed. It should only be used in service of the ministry of CMF. Please ensure you do not allow others to use your log in to this site, and please store securely any member information you download. For more information please see our Data Protection policy (Link to follow)